what is therapy ?  


The role of a therapist is to help you find solutions to perplexing challenges, ease your mind, overcome an immediate crisis, or explore long unanswered questions and issues -- all in a trusting and engaging atmosphere. 

Think of therapy as a surfer’s perfect wave.  It’s challenging, powerful & life altering.  The ultimate goal is to bring more joy into your life, passion into your work and connection in your relationships.

People often seek a therapist during a time of crisis, when they need immediate support and counsel – the death of a loved one, sudden trauma, serious concerns about a child, a troubled marriage.  Sometimes clients seek therapy when they are emotionally and psychologically ready to tackle issues and questions that have been burdening them for years -- issues related to childhood trauma, parental relationships, and family and personal struggles.

The connection between a client and a therapist should be magical and powerful.  Don’t be afraid to meet with a few therapists before you choose one that’s right for you.   Unless, of course you meet someone who immediately feels perfect!